Salad Master Demonstration – Shredded Cabbage Salad Plus!

Learn how the Saladmaster works and how to earn a free unit by inviting two couples to your home for a whole food, nutritious cooking demonstration.

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The machine you are seeing is a stainless steel “Salad Master”

You can “earn” one for free by hosting a dinner in your home or ours. You need two couples to be present for the entire presentation. The couples must be wage earners.

The demonstration will consists of a free meal for you and your guests, one raw salad and a dessert.

You will enjoy a simple discussion of how to retain more nutrient in your food and demonstration of waterless stainless steel cookware.

There is no obligation to buy and the Salad Master is yours for hosting.

If you choose, you can host more than one dinner and earn other stainless steel products.

Monica’s husband Jim, or her son, Weston, will be the cooking demonstrator.

Let us know if you would like to schedule a dinner.

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