Sourdough – Starting the Starter – Beginner Bread Baking

Today, I show you how to activate a live sourdough starter and 5 different dormant starters. I offer tips on care and feeding your starter and get ready to start the big SOURDOUGH SERIES… Please try this at home and let’s share what we all learn along the way.

I want to teach you how to bake bread! If you’ve never baked bread or worked with sourdough before, I hope to demystify the sourdough process and inspire you to give it a try. It’s not difficult and practicing is tasty and fun.

I will also be challenging myself to bake bread with several different techniques, recipes, and SIX different starters. I am on a quest for the best loaf of sourdough ever. I will be mixing all the dough without any mechanical mixers. Everything will be done by hand and with three simple ingredients… FLOUR, WATER, and SALT!

These are the things I mentioned in the videos…

King Arthur Flour 1oz. Live Starter – Dormant Starters –

Cambro 1 quart Food Storage Container (Don’t forget lids) –
Schneider Orange 1000g Proofing Basket –
Cast Iron Pots – I got mine on sale at Marshalls or Home Goods in the states.

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