What Is The Best Bread To Use For French Toast

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The Best Breads for French Toast and Bread Puddings | Kitchn

Brioche. Brioche is arguably the most classic choice when it comes to French toast and bread pudding. …
Challah. Like ultra-buttery brioche, challah (which typically doesn’t contain dairy products) makes a wonderful foundation for bread pudding and French toast. …
Pullman Loaf. …
French Bread.

The Best Breads for Making French Toast | MyRecipes
Oct 5, 2017 – These five breads are your best bets if you’re making French toast.

The 3 Best Breads for French Toast You Should Be Using
Jul 8, 2017 – The bread needs to be in thicker slices and sturdier in crumb, because if the bread is too thin, holey, and frail, it could fall apart once dipped in the custard. Whether you are a classic brioche fan or like the buttery, eggy braids of challah, you now know what to make for a bomb brunch, so go #treatyoself.

what is the best bread to use for french toast