Muscle Building Breakfast In 10 Minutes Quick: Easy Meal To Gain Muscle

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Coming to you live from his Muscle building kitchen, fitness model Troy Adashun shows us how to cook a delicious muscle building breakfast in under 10 minutes.

Do you regularly skip the most important muscle building meal of the day? Don’t have enough time in the morning? Constantly oversleeping? Now you no longer have that excuse as this muscle building breakfast meal takes less than 10 minutes to cook!

This 10 minute healthy muscle building breakfast is loaded with over 50 grams of protein to help you gain muscle mass, as well as a great source of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. This is the perfect breakfast for any muscle building or mass building diet.

Start your day off right, and follow Troy’s lead as he cooks a delicious muscle building breakfast.

Step One: Let’s get Cooking! Grab your delicious Ezekiel bread, and put in either the oven or the toaster. Ezekiel bread is a very healthy complex carbohydrate and accompanies any muscle gain diet perfectly. It is low glycemic and high in fiber, made from organic sprouted grains.

Step Two: Time to warm up that skillet! You will pour about 1 tbsp of olive oil and place the burner on low-medium heat. Olive oil is a perfect cooking oil choice for anyone on a muscle building diet, because it provides 120 calories per tbsp of healthy fats. It is important to consume healthy fats in the morning to turn on your anabolic switch.

Step Three: Here comes the Protein! Pour in your 100 percent liquid egg whites. You want to put in equivalent to 5 egg whites which should fill up a medium sized skillet. Egg whites are the perfect choice for a muscle building breakfast, and a vital part of bodybuilding nutrition. 100 Percent liquid egg whites are pure protein with absolutely no fat or carbohydrates. Time to gain some muscle mass!

Step Four: Pour on some salt free seasoning over your liquid egg whites as they cook. Mrs Dash works perfect, and is delicious on all sorts of muscle building foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, and beef.

Step Five: Grab the bread out of the toaster or oven and place on a plate. Time to spread some healthy no sugar added peanut butter on your ezekiel bread. Peanut butter is a great food choice for any muscle gain diet, and is loaded with healthy fats and protein. If you are on any kind of mass building diet, you should be eating peanut butter regularly.

Step Six: Scramble up those eggs and cook to your desired consistency and throw them on a plate. Next up you will place 2 tbsp of delicious guacamole on them. Guacamole is great, and adds more healthy fats to your muscle building breakfast. Guacamole is the perfect muscle building food topper because it adds a ton of flavor without any sugar or carbohydrates.

Step Seven: Almost ready to enjoy this healthy muscle building breakfast! Grab your fat free Greek Yogurt out of the fridge. Slice a lemon in half and grab your stevia extract to sweeten up your Greek Yogurt. Squeeze some lemon, sprinkle some stevia extract, and stir in the Greek Yogurt. This is a delicious way to add a ton of flavor without any calories to your greek yogurt. Zero percent fat greek yogurt has 100 calories and is packed with 18 grams of muscle building protein.

Step Eight: Eat and Enjoy! Bon Appetit’. Your delicious muscle building breakfast meal is complete in under 10 minutes.

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Muscle-Building Breakfast In 10 Minutes: Quick, Easy Meal To Gain Muscle