Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets from the 2011 International Home and Housewares Show

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Here are the top ten gadgets and products from this year’s IHS in Chicago. I’ll post the links to the products or if you know them post them in the comments.
It was a fun show and way too hard to pick just ten, so I included some more at the end. Enjoy, subscribe, comment and enjoy.

Microwave potato chip maker – (not available for a couple months)

Solar Grill –

Retractable peeler –

Quick Popsicle maker –

ISI soda maker –

Packit freezer bags –

The Cookie Dipr –

OXO hand mixer –

Bodum grill –

Stanley outdoor cooking set –


Nordicware grill –

Lekue Decorator –

Roscan food storage –

DrawerDecor –

Bartule –

Sensio CBLT Machine –

Gyro Bowl –

Lapper trays –

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Rob Barrett
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