Hello and Welcome to Inthekitchentoday!

My name is Donna Vickers and I am the owner of this site. I would love for everyone to enjoy this site, young and old, new cooks and experienced cooks. All of my family members and I love to cook one thing or another and I in particular like to not only cook, but I like to teach, especially new cooks. I previously have written blogs in the section Donna’s Kitchen Corner about things you need to set up your kitchen, how to buy china, crystal and how to set a proper table. I also wrote articles about cooking equivalents, weights and measurements and more.

Actually, I am a nurse by profession. In fact, I am a newly retired registered nurse. I have been a nurse for 41 years, the last 24 years being in school nursing. I have been married to my wonderful husband John for the past 46 years and have two marvelous children and 3 especially wonderful grandchildren ages 9, 8 and 6. Our granddaughter Catherine is the oldest followed by Ian and Jake. Catherine belongs to our daughter and her husband and the boys belong to our son and his wife. All are very smart and very loving. Catherine, we call her Catie, loves to cook already and the boys also occasionally like to help in the kitchen. They live within 10 miles of us and so Nana and Papa get to babysit a lot and love being grandparents more than we can say. Did that sound like a proud grandmother, well, I hope so because I am.

As I said before, we all love to cook and try new recipes. Of course, we all have our favorite recipes that we love to cook and eat and many of them are family traditions that we use for many holidays and special occasions. Unlike some people, I love to share my recipes, not keep them to myself. Our son is a fireman/paramedic. He is a lieutenant in a local fire department and our daughter is an administrative assistant to a Jr. High school principal. Both workplaces are great places to get a literal plethora of great recipes.

So, stick with us, and tell your friends about our site. You will see lots of new kitchen gadgets and videos and get some great recipes to try and maybe adapt for your own families to try and enjoy. I am going to try to keep Donna’s Kitchen Corner filled with useful information so you can get information you may not know to help you in your own kitchens. Also, please try our app and the other options we have and let us know what you think! I love making new friends!